Kent Campbell

Kent Campbell is founder of Obtainium, a company that manages web development, iPhone developpment, and online reputation management companies as well as other investments.

Kent Campbell’s prior positions include that of CEO, President, Vice President, Chief of Operations, and General Manager of various service based companies. Among these are Internet Reputation Management, , Evit Caretni, and Rare Medium.

His past experiences include working with Rare Medium, a global, award winning branding, incubation, and web services firm as Vice President and General Manager for Rare Medium’s Los Angeles office. Prior to his role as Vice President and General Manager, he was based in Dallas, Texas as Vice President and National Head of User-Experience Design for Rare Medium with direct reports spanning the globe.

Prior to joining Rare Medium, Mr. Campbell founded Exit Media, a branding agency. Exit Media was later merged with Evit_Caretni Interactive, a user-interface and technical development company. First as Managing Director, and later President and CEO, he developed design and technical competency centers in both the United States and India.

While with Evit, Mr. Campbell taught Web development at the UCLA Extension in Los Angeles. Mr. Campbell holds a BA from the Art Center of Design where he attended schools in both the United States and Switzerland. He currently lives near Ventura, California with his wife and two sons. mentioned on the CBS Early Show

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